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Peculiarities of nomination the town of Amherst May. Least Pewee= Sky Wren gt. crested Flycatcher = Yellow [?] gld. wing Woodpecker = Partridge Woodpecker Rare birds = Scosco Birds White bellied Swallow = Tree Swallow Wood Pewee = Moss Bird


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Chimney Swallows Wednesday July 25th 1866 This evening I saw hundreds of chimney swallows pass into the North West flue of an old fashioned chimney in a rather small country house in the town of Plymouth N.H. I was attracted by hearing their loud rattling notes and [delete]in[delete] looking in the direction from which the sound proceeded I saw a vast cloud of chimney swallows in the centre of which numbers at a time were pitching themselves in their peculiar manner into the chimney: this was at about five minutes of 5 P.M. I made all haste to reach the spot which by the road was perhaps 1/8 of a mile from one but before I could


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get there the greater part of them had gone down. They continued to go down at intervals until 11 3/4 minutes past 8 when none went down until 16 minutes past 8 when a single bird passed in and this was the last one that I saw. The last ones that went in would pass a number of times over the top of the chimney each time nearly dropping in but hesitating as though they thought the chimney was too full to hold another one. Nearly all the time [delete]the ones[/delete] those already in the chimney kept up a [delete]continual[/delete] chattering of which although I was 50 yards from the house I could distinctly hear & this they kept up untill 21 minutes past 8 & [delete]I do not know[delete] for aught I know much later for as I could no longer see the hands of my watch I left. Many of them must have come from a great distance as this town does not seem to have more than its share of resident birds of this species. August 7th, 1866 This evening I saw the swallows again go down. At 6.30 swallows were flying over the town here & there but they did not begin to collect round the chimney until nearly 7. At 6.59 the first one went and they continued to increase until 7.11 1/2 when only two or three were left At 7. 17 1/2 they were as numerous as ever but all in the vicinity soon went down but they kept coming in until from 7.30 to 7.38 a vast flock of them was collected which kept wheeling over & around the chimney now & then a number of the birds composing it dropping into the chimney until at 7.42 they had nearly all gone down. The last that I saw (two in number) went down together at 7.55. The large flock would sometimes keep wheeling round in a comparitively


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small circle & then scatter only to come together again.


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Yellow-billed Cuckoo Warbling Vireo Quail Black " " Yellow-throated " Clapper Rail Downy Woodpecker Cat Bird [delete] Common Rail [/delete] Golden-winged Woodpecker House Wren Chimney Swallow White-breasted Nuthatch Barn " Chickadee White-bellied " Purple Finch Bank " Savannah Sparrow [delete]Purple Martin[/delete] Yellow winged " Belted Kingfisher Chipping " King Bird Song " Phoebe Swamp " Wood Pewee Grass Finch Least " Indigo Bird Wood Thrush Ground Robin Wilson's " Bobolink Golden-crowned " Cow Bunting Robin Red-winged Blackbird Blue Bird Meadow Lark Black-and-white Creeper Orchard Oriole Yellow Bird Golden Robin Redstart Crow Blackbird Cedar Bird Blue Jay Red-eyed Vireo [delete] Turtle Dove [/delete] [delete]White " "[/delete] Ruffed Grouse