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MOUNT HOLYOKE. Named in 1654. after Capt. Elizur Holyoke. THE PROSPECT HOUSE, By J. W. French DISTANCES, BY RAIL, VIA. NORTHAMPTON. FROM. MILES. FROM. MILES. FROM. MILES. Northampton, 3 Albany, 122 Battleboro', 45 Springfield, 20 New Haven, 82 Bellows Falls, 70 Worcester, 76 New York, 158 White Riv. Junction, 109 Boston, 120 Greenfield, 22 Perpendicular elevation, 1000 feet. Carriage road from base to feeding stable, three fourths of mile. Railway from stable to Summit, 600 ft. Number of steps in Staircase, 491, Perpendicular ascent from stable 365 ft. First House built in 1821. Second House built in 1851. Enlarged to present size in 1861. First Railway in 1854. Present Track laid in 1860. Number of Passengers over its Track to 1866, upwards of 100,000. FROM THE "PROSPECT HOUSE" CAN BE SEEN Mountains in four States: and thirty-eight Towns, --thirty-one in Massachusetts and seven in Connecticut, viz.: MOUNTAINS. Monadnock, N.H.; Green, Vt.; East and West Rock, New Haven, Conn; Greylock, Mass; Wachusett, Mass.; Sugar Loaf, Mass.; Norwottuck, Mass; Toby, Mass.; Tom, Mass.; Nonotuck, Mass. TOWNS. Northampton, Haydenville, Williamsburg, Goshen, Hadley, Hatfield, Whately, South Deerfield, Greenfield, Shelburne, Sunderland, North Hadley, North Amherst, Amherst, Pelham, Belchertown, Granby, So. Hadley, Wilbraham, North Wilbraham, Springfield, Chicopee, Holyoke, Longmeadow, West Springfield. Agawam, Southampton, East hampton, Montgomery, Blandford, Ludlow, Thompsonville, Ct; Windsor, Ct.; East Windsor, Ct.; Enfield, Ct.; Hartford, Ct.; Suffield, Ct.; Somers, Ct. OBJECTS OF INTEREST. State Lunatic Hospital and Round Hill, at Northampton; Williston Seminary, at East-hampton; Amherst College and Mount Pleasant, at Amherst; Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary, at South Hadley; Wesleyan Academy, at Wilbraham; Winding Wave Boarding School, at Ludlow; United States Armory; at Springfield; Manufacturing Town of Holyoke; Old Hadley, with her beautiful streets; Ox Bow Island; Shepherds Island in the Connecticut River. The Proprietor of the "Prospect House" Will cheerfully give any information in his power, relating to the view, or the objects of interest included in it, and solicits from visitors the utmost freedom in asking question, which it is at once his vocation and pleasure to answer to the best of his ability. His residence of SIXTEEN YEARS ON THE MOUNTAIN Has put him in possession of a pretty thorough knowledge of its surroundings, which he is glad to communicate to those desiring it. Metcalf & Co., Printers, Northampton [OVER.


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PIC-NIC PARTIES Are reminded that there is no better place for obtaining OUT-DOOR ENJOYMENT than on Mount Holyoke, and the proprietor wishes all to feel that they are not under the necessity of dining at the House. He will be pleased to see those who prefer to bring their own Refreshments, and will give them all the attention that may be desired. Parties or individuals will find seats and tables in the Grove, which is only a few rods from the house, and much secluded, where they can partake of their refreshments, or they can be accommodated at the house. THE HALL FOR COTILLON PARTIES. In the second story of the house is a LARGE HALL, twenty by fifty-five feet, well adapted for Cotillon Parties. There is ample room for dancing, and during the day parties furnishing their own music can be accommodated without extra expense. The Hall can be obtained for Evening parties at reasonable rates, if application is made several days in advance. THERE IS A GOOD STABLE At the foot of the Railway, and competent hostlers constantly in attendance, and visitors may be certain that the best of care will be taken of their horses during their trip to the summit. Price for feed and care 50 cts. each. PROSPECT HOUSE PRICES. Each Visitor must pay for the use of the House and Grounds, Telescope, Observatory, and Water, . 25 cents. Children under 12 years, . . . . . 12 1/2 cents. Schools, in numbers of 10 or over, if paid by one person, 12 1/2 cents. Fare on Railroad (each way,) . . . . . 25 cents. Children under 12 years, . . . . . . half price. REFRESHMENTS Breakfast, Dinner, Supper or Lodging. . . . 50 cents. Tea, Coffee or Lemonade, per cup or glass, . . 10 cents Cigars, each, . . . . . . . . 10 cents. Prices for board by the day or week, will be made up at the above rates. No regular hour for meals, which are served on call. It will be seen by the above prices, that the entire necessary cost of seeing one of the most charming landscape views in the country, is only TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, for which, in addition, the visitor has the use of the House, Grounds, Telescope, and Water. The prices of other things are as low as elsewhere. All bills to be paid at the Office, the last thing before leaving the Summit. J. W. FRENCH, Prop'r. Post Office Address, Northampton, Mass.


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