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Saturday, February 3, 1866. Saw the first blue jay to day: saw the first robins about twenty in all and shot one: Saw three shore larks and shot two both of which with the robin I have stuffed. [Shore larks were shot where Cambridge Hos. now stands] Sunday, February 4, 1866 Five or six robins were seen to day.


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Saturday, February 10, 1866 I saw two cherry birds this morning feeding on a cedar tree in our yard and this noon I shot two also in our yard from a flock of about a dozen: these are the first that I have seen though I heard some before


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Thursday, February 16, 1866. A bald eagle was seen flying over to day. Saturday, February 17, 1866 Heard some old males singing the song common in the breeding season.


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Saturday, February 24, 1866. I saw the first herring gulls thirteen in number flying over today. Sunday, February 25, 1866 A flock of red winged starlings was seen to day for the first time. Monday, February 26, 1866 I saw a flock of red winged blackbirds in the same place that the flock was seen yesterday.


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Thursday, March 1, 1866 Saw a flock of cherry birds catching snow flakes in the manner that they catch insects in summer. The old male song sparrows began to sing to day and I heard two. Saturday, March 3, 1866 Saw the first golden winged woodpeckers and meadow larks today, also saw three ruffed grouse. I walked nearly to the village of Concord to day.