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Monday, March 12, 1866 Saw the first blue birds to day Friday, March 16, 1866 Saw the first crow blackbird to day.


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Saturday, March 17, 1866. Heard the first cow bunting to day Tuesday, March 20, 1866. The first purple finches six in all were seen to day


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Friday, March 23, 1866. Saw a purple finch myself to day and heard it sing splendidly. Sunday, March 25, 1866 Saw twenty six shore larks to day Wednesday, March 28, 1866 Saw a bird that I thought was a black & white creeper but as I did not get a good sight of him I can not be sure.


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Saturday, March 31, 1866 Saw three flocks of Canada geese in all one hundred and thirty seven today. Took a long walk and saw three red tailed hawks. Sunday, April 1, 1866. Saw the first white bellied swallow today and which stayed round my boxes some time.