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Wednesday, April 4, 1866 Saw the first rusty blackbird to day. Thursday, April 5, 1866 Saw and heard the first pewees to day including in all five. Shot two grass finches which are also the first. Saw a bird that I thought was a chipping sparrow. Friday, April 6, 1866 Saw a chipping sparrow shot to day. Saturday, April 7, 1866 Saw the first savannah sparrow, swamp sparrows, pine creeping warblers, and yellow red poll warblers to day. Saw the last golden crested wren to day and heard it sing in an unusual manner.


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Friday, April 13,1866 Saw the first wilsons snipe to day.


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Tuesday, April 17, 1866 Clear but cold. Saw for first time this year yellow rump: shot snipe flying: fired at sharp shinned hawk flying but did not kill him. Heard a swamp sparrow for the first time. Wednesday, April 18, 1866 Morning cloudy and damp Afternoon clear and cloudless but warm. I went to walk in the afternoon and found a crow Blackbird nest freshly lined with mud. Thursday, April 19, 1866 Clear day but uncomfortably warm for the ther. ranged as high as eighty. Went to walk in the afternoon and saw a snipe and a fox colored sparrow and a boy that was with me fired at a sharp shinned hawk. I fired at a crow. Friday, April 20, 1866 Cloudy all day. Went shooting saw large numbers of barn swallows for the first time, shot snipe, and yellow rump, and saw a fish hawk flying with a large fish in its talons, saw six snipe. Saturday, April 21, 1866 Morning cloudy afternoon clear but very warm. Went shooting in the morning and shot a swamp sparrow; saw seven snipe. The lilac and other trees are green with small leaves.


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Sunday, April 22, 1866 Alternately cloudy & clear; very warm. Saw and heard for the first time, field sparrows, house wrens and purple martains. The leaves have grown wonderfully to day even those of apple trees. Monday, April 23, 1866 Morning cloudy and dry; rained hard in the afternoon. Went up to robins nest found on the 16th and it contained two eggs. Did not do anything in particular in the afternoon. Tuesday, April 24, 1866 Rainy morning, afternoon cold and cloudy. Went shooting in the afternoon and shot a rusty blackbird which fell in a swamp but after a great deal of trouble I got him. Wednesday, April 25 1866 Cloudy, windy and cold. Went to walk in the P.M. and found a number of robins nests three of them having two eggs each. In the morning caught two boys hefting one of my boxes. Thursday, April 26, 1866 Morning cloudy and cold cleared off in the evening. Found the first song sparrow nest containing one egg. Friday, April 27, 1866 Saw the first bank swallow to day. Cloudy & cold A.M. bright & warm P.M. Went shooting in the P.M. and shot a yellow rump and two chipping sparrows also shot a barn swallow flying and saw a sharp shinned hawk.


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Saturday, April 28, 1866 Saw the first chimney swallow to day. Sunny and pleasant. Stuffed three of the birds shot yesterday. Saw one of my swallows pick up a straw. In the P.M. went down to the Delta to see a match between the Kirklands and the Beacons in which the former lost. Sunday, April 29, 1866 Clear but very windy. Went to ride in the P.M. and got nearly under two crows in a bare oak tree. Saw the first cherry blossoms on the 28th; the trees are now in full bloom. The song sparrow's nest found on the 26th contained four eggs to day. Monday, April 30, 1866 Clear but windy. Shot bank swallow and female barn flying; also shot a phoebe and saw three spotted tatlers one of which I shot while it was flying over the water; these are the first that I have seen. Tuesday, May 1, 1866 A.M. clear P.M. Cloudy. Stuffed three of the birds shot yesterday. Went to walk in the P.M. and found the first blue jays nest with four fresh eggs. The horse chestnut trees are now covered with leaves and the willows are in full bloom. Wednesday, May 2, 1866 A.M. cloudy and rainy. P.M. clear and warm. The first yellow warblers were seen to day. In the P.M. shot a female sharp shinned hawk that was chasing some crow blackbirds. Thursday, May 3, 1866 Alternately cloudy and clear. Saw for the first time a least pewee. Shot a male sharp shinned hawk that was chasing a robin. Saw a yellow warbler myself to day.