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Friday, May 4, 1866 Clear but cool. Went shooting in P.M. and fired at a sharp shinned hawk; saw for the first time a least sandpiper and a black & white creeper the latter of which I shot also saw some animal that I thought might be a wood chuck. Saturday, May 5, 1866 A.M. clear. P.M. cloudy. Went shooting in the P.M. and shot a sharp shined hawk also found the two crows nests Saw for the first time a yellow throated vireo and a night heron. Sunday, May 6, 1866 Morning clear & warm. P.M. cloudy. In the A.M. saw a wren carrying sticks into one of my boxes. Went to ride in the P.M. and saw a sharp shinned hawk. The first king bird was seen to day. Monday, May 7, 1866 Clear but rather cool. Spent the afternoon in stuffing the sharp shinned hawk shot on Saturday. Tuesday, May 8, 1866 Cloudy & cold. Saw for the first time a red eyed vireo and white throated sparrow one of which I shot. Baltimore orioles were seen to day for the first time. Went to ride in the P.M. Wednesday, April 9, 1866 A.M. rainy, noon clear. P.M. cloudy. Hear a bobo- link. Went to ride in the A. M. and saw a grey squirrel and a cat bird. Felt very badly in the P.M.


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Thursday, May 10, 1866 Clear and bright. Was very sick so that I did not go to school. Saw a fine male rusty throat. Went up to Mr. H's to get some flowers in the A.M. and up to see J. Nichols in the P.M. Saw in the P.M. a chippy carrying a fine rock in her bill. Friday May 11, 1866 Alternately cloudy & clear. Felt better to day & went to school where I was excused from phil. & latin. In the P.M. shot a golden crowned thrush in our yard & a yellow warbler in the fields. The lilac blossoms first opened to day. Saturday, May 12, 1866 Clear but warm. In A.M. stuffed the birds shot yesterday. In P.M. went up to see J. Nichols. Did not feel well during the day. Sunday, May 13, 1866 Clear but windy. Evening cloudy. Saw for the first time large numbers of very small canker worms on our apple tree. Saw a yellow warbler carrying pieces of caterpillars nest to build her own. Still unwell. Monday, May 14, 1866 Clear but very windy. Went to ride in P.M. and saw a king bird myself and a redstart. A handsome white crowned sparrow was shot to day. Felt better than I did yesterday. The horse chestnut trees are in bloom. Tuesday, May 15, 1866 Clear & bright. Found a least pewee's nest nearly done in our yard. Saw a y. throated Vireo building its nest. Saw several cuckoos for the first time & heard a wilsons thrush. Went egging in P.M. and found a gol. winged wood. on the ground. was found A chippy with two & a cow bunting


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Wednesday, May 16, 1866 Clear. Sprinkled in the evening. In P.M. got very near two wild rabbits. Saw a night hawk. Heard some crickets. Saw the first butter cups. Saw the first brown thrush. Went to walk in P.M. Thursday, May 17, 1866 A.M. rainy. P.M. cloudy. Saw for the first time a [delete]blue yellow backed warbler[/delete] and a black poll warbler. Did not do anything in partickular in the P.M. Friday, May 18, 1866 A.M. rainy P.M. cloudy. Went down town in the P.M. Saw a flock of eleven cliff swallows in the P.M. A[t] recess heard an indigo finch for some time. Saturday, May 19, 1866 A.M. misty. Noon & P.M. clear. Went to Concord & walked from there to Lext. Found two phoebes nests one with two & the other with five. Saw bl. y. backed warbler ground robin & M. J. throat. Found a robin's built on the hub of a wheel. Sunday, May 20, 1866 Clear & bright. Saw a Canada fly- catcher in A.M. Went to ride in P.M. saw a rabbit a pair of r. bre[a]sted grosbeaks and the first red headed woodpecker that I ever saw. Heard a wood pewee. Monday, May 21, 1866 A.M. cloudy. Thunder shower in P.M. Saw the first of the returned cedar birds to day. Went fishing in P.M. caught six pickerel, found a S. sparrows with 4 and a red wing's with the same. Got caught in the shower.


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Tuesday, May 22, 1866 A.M. rainy P.M. cloudy & dry. Went to walk in P.M. saw a scarlet tanager found three cuckoo's nests two with one egg, a chickadees with young ones and a crow blackbirds with two. One of my swallows nests had five eggs to day a a wren's two. Wednesday, May 23, 1866 Alternately cloudy & clear. Went to walk in P.M. shot a whip poor will that was crouching on a branch, found a blue jays with five a purple finches with two and a cuckoo's with one broken egg. Thursday, May 24, 1866 Pleasant. Went to walk in P.M. and got one egg out of one of my cuckoos which had two. Stuffed the whip poor will shot yesterday. Friday, May 25, 1866 Cloudy. Went to walk in P.M. found a mottled owls nest with the bird sitting on five young ones, also a red starts, a cat birds with two & a bank swallows with one. Sprinkled in evening. Saturday, May 26, 1866 Warm & pleasant. Went to walk & was gone all day. Found a savannah's with four a p. finches with two a golden robin's with one a brown thrushes with two a cat birds with four & a y. warblers with three. Saw a pair of r. b. grosbeaks & a male sc. tanager. Sunday, May 27, 1866 Rainy & cloudy. Went to sabbath school & church as usual. Staid in the house most of the P.M. I begin to feel the effects of coming in contact with the poison ivy.


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Monday, May 28, 1866 A least pewee in our yard had 4. A.M. pleasant. P.M. showery. Went fishing in A.M. & caught seven pickerell. Went to my cuckoos and found them all taken. The y. t. vireo nest in our yard had one to day. Suffering considerably from poison. Tuesday, May 29, 1866 A.M. pleasant. P.M. cloudy. Woke with my face swollen badly by the poison and on account of it was not able to do much during the day Wednesday, May 30, 1866 A.M. rainy P.M. clear. Saw a blk. & yl. warbler. Went to Andover in P.M. and saw two quails & a night hawk. I am a little better to day. Thursday, May 31, 1866 Clear & windy. Went to walk & was gone all day. Saw a night hawk & two r. b. grosbeaks. Found a cat birds with 1, a king birds just made, an owl's with 4, a purple finches with 2 & two red wings. Friday, June 1, 1866 Pleasant & warm. Went to walk in A.M. & found a red start's, an indigo bird's & a purple finche's. Went to ride in P.M. to Lexington and got two out of a pewees nest with five. Heard a chippy at 10.25 P.M. Saturday, June 2, 1866 A.M. rainy P.M. pleasant. Went to Wayland in A.M. Got a redstart with four in P.M. & found a yl. th. vireo's nest just done. Heard a number of quails at Wayland.