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Sunday, June 3, 1866 A.M. a little cloudy P.M. rainy Went to ride in P.M. & chased a quail through a field but when within about ten feet of him he flew. Heard other quails & saw a number of cliff swallows building their nests. Monday, June 4, 1866 A.M. rainy P.M. cloudy. Went into Boston as soon as I got home from school & carried in one of my redstarts but Mr. T- did not want it also had my book marked. Tuesday, June 5, 1866 Cloudy but did not rain much. Went to walk in P.M. & found a blk. bll. cuckoo's with 1, a young one, & a yl. bill's, a bobolink's with five, which I found without the birds flying up & a cedar bird's with one. The Wilson's place as [?] to day at [?]. Wednesday, June 6, 1866 A.M. cloudy, noon clear P.M. rainy. Went to walk in P.M. & found two cuckoos, a red eyed vireo & a redtstart. One of the cuckoos (yellow billed) had one. The yellow throated vireos had one taken from it (found 2). Saw a wild duck. Thursday, June 7, 1866 A.M. cloudy, noon pleast thunder shower in P.M. Went in swimming for the first time this year & saw four ducks. Traded for a redstarts & a yl. th. vireos in P.M. Went to walk before breakfast & got two yl. billed cuckoos a rd. eyd. vireos a yl. th. do & a redstarts Friday, June 8, 1866 Cloudy & damp. Went to walk before breakfast & got a rd. eyd. vireos & two red starts. Went to walk in P.M. & found 2 bobolinks with five & a p. finch's in an apple tree with 5 & a cow bunting.


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Saturday, June 9, 1866 A.M. cloudy. noon & P.M. clear Spent A.M. in searching the swamps & found a night heron's just done, a Wilson's thrush with three & a Maryland yellow throats with smashed eggs. Went in for 2nd time in Glacialis. Sunday, June 10, 1866 Cloudy. cleared up in P.M. Went to ride in Mt. Auburn in P.M. & saw as usual the swans. Wrote to D. French in evening. Monday, June 11, 1866 Pleasant but warm. Went swimming in P.M. & had a ride on a raft. Got the nest of the Wilson's & Maryland yl. throat. Found a Wilson's with seven eggs the bird being on & a bobolink's with six. Saw two black ducks. Tuesday, June 12, 1866 A.M. pleasant P.M. cloudy. Studied part of P.M. Went to circus in evening & saw a hippopotamus for the first time. Got four warbling vireos before breakfast. The algebra is now rather hard Wednesday, June 13, 1866 A.M. cloudy. rained hard at times in P.M. Went to walk in P.M. & got two warbling vireos, a yl. billed cuckoo's & a red eyd. vireos & cow bunting Had to take an umbrella in order to keep dry Thursday, June 14, 1866 Cloudy. Sprinkled in evening. Went to walk in P.M. & found 5 yl. billed cuckoo's, four king birds, and a rose breasted grosbeaks that appeared to be just done. Got the nest of the warbling vireo & one egg from the red eye's


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Friday, June 15, 1866 Pleasant. Thund. shower in evening. Went in swimming in P.M. and saw two half grown musk rats one of which Prince killed. Found a Wilson's thrush nest on the ground with three eggs. Saturday, June 16, 1866 Pleasant but very warm. Went to walk & was gone all day. Found and indigo bird's, 1, a humming birds, 2, a chst. sided warblers, 3, a blk. thrt. green warbler's, 2, & a goldfinches just finished. Saw a rabbit & two quails. Heard a wood thrush. Sunday, June 17, 1866 A.M. hot. Sprinkled in P.M. Went to ride in P.M. found that the blk. thrt. green warbler's nest was deserted. saw two halfgrown rabbits & found a queer nest in a bush with one egg. Did not go to church on account of the heat Monday, June 18, 1866 Rainy nearly all day. Went to Andover by the 10 A.M. train to see my cousin who was not much better. Saw plainly my first solitary vireo and also heard it sing. Saw a sharp shinned hawk. The canker worms have nearly all disappeared. Tuesday, June 19, 1866 Pleasant but cool & windy. Got three eggs from the rose breasted grosbeaks nest found on the 14th & substituted a cat birds. Got a letter from Dan to day as usual Got the first strawberries from our bed to day. Wednesday, June 20, 1866 Clear but windy. Went in, in P.M. Got a yellow throated vireos egg in P.M. & found an indigo birds with three & a cow buntings. Was shown a chippie's nest about a half a foot from the ground.


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Thursday, June 21, 1866 Clear but very warm. Went to ride in P.M. & got the egg from the indigo bird's found on the 16th which. Heard a number of quail saw a pair in the wood & saw another on a stake that went Poor Rob White. Friday, June 22, 1866 Clear but hot. Good breeze. Went to walk & was gone all day. Scared up a nest of young ruffd. grouse. found a phoebes 4, a savannah's 5, & a yl. billed cuckoo's 2. Went in swimming in a deep mill pond. To day was Class day - Saw the first firefly to night. Saturday, June 23, 1866 Clear but hot. Slight breeze. Went to walk & was gone all day. Went in the mill pond & found a rose breasted grosbeaks nest, 4 (young ones). R. Deane killed a squirrel with a stone. Heard a quail. Sunday, June 24, 1866 Clear but rather warm. Father went to Andover to day to see my cousin who was very low. Went to church as usual. Monday, June 25, 1866 Clear. Glass at 90 [degrees], but good breeze. Went in swimming in Fresh pond in P.M. at a place where I never went before. Went in to Samuels after school and also to Dr. Robbins where I found that one of my teeth must be filled. Tuesday, June 26, 1866 Heard a nuthatch plainly. Clear but very warm. Very slight breeze. Went in Fresh pond in P.M. Found a redstart's nest with three fresh eggs laid on the branch on account of the thinness of the nest. Had green peas for the first time from out garden Young man drowned in Charles River.


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Wednesday, June 27, 1866 Pleasant but hot. Thunder shower in evening. Saw in P.M. a match between the Forests & Irvings the latter beating. Score 51 to 29. Found a song sparrow's nest with four eggs in our yard. Thursday, June 28, 1866 Rained nearly all day. Went into Boston after school & had a tooth filled. Did not do any thing in particular in the afternoon. The body of J.W. Bickford who was drowned on the 26 was found to day. Friday, June 29, 1866 Heard a rd. bellied nuthatch A.M. cloudy. Noon clear. P.M. cloudy. R. Deane came home to day. The currents are beginning to ripen. Young wrens, yellow birds, cedar birds, chipping swallows, golden robins, & c. have left their nests. Put the covers on some of my boxes. Did not do much in P.M. Saturday, June 30, 1866 Pleasant. Thunder shower in evening. Spent A.M. in fixing my boxes. Went shooting night herons in P.M. & fired two long shots at them but without effect. Got caught in the shower. The strawberries are now at their hieght. Sunday, July 1, 1866 Pleasant. Went to ride in Mt. Auburn in P.M. A number of persons was admitted into our church this morning. The leaves are coming out on those trees which were eaten by canker worms, & cherries are at their height. Monday, July 2, 1866 Pleasant but rather warm. Played ball nearly all the afternoon.