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Tuesday, July 3, 1866 Pleasant but very warm. Went swimming in Fresh pond in P.M. Saw numbers of young kingfishers. Got an egg out of the redstart's nest found on the [blank] Saw a yellow warbler feeding a young cow bunting Wednesday, July 4, 1866 A.M. pleasant. P.M. cloudy. Spent most of the day in firing my cannon, crackers, torpedoes & c. We had our first new potatoes to day. Shot a young r. bell. nuthatch in evening. Went over to see fireworks in Mr. Hollands in the evening. Thursday, July 5, 1866 Gooseberries & raspberries are ripening Clear but very hot. Stuffed the red bellie shot yesterday. Shot two young robins but one was spoilt & the other I could not find. The bobolinks are beginning to use their call note & the currents are ripe. Friday, July 6, 1866 Pleasant but very hot. Tried to get somebody to go in swimming in P.M. but could not. Went up to J. N. in P.M. The wrens are now building their nests for the second brood. Saturday, July 7, 1866 Clear but hot. Found a wood pewee's with 3 but could not get them. I shot the pair & stuffed them. Went in the Glacialis in P.M. It clouded up at evening but did not rain. Heard a bobolink sing. Heard a rd. bellied nuthatch. Sunday, July 8, 1866 Clear but fearfully hot the ther. ranging as high at 95. Went to sabbath school which closed to day. Wrote to D. French in P.M. There was a heavy thunder shower in the evening.


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Monday, July 9, 1866 [margin]One of my wrens had the first egg of the second brood to day.[/margin] Pleasant but hot. Evening uncomfortably cool. Wrote a latin paper at school. Went up to J. Nichols' in P.M. Heard and saw a red bellied nuthatch in our linden tree in the morning. Tuesday, July 10, 1866 Pleasant & cool. Wrote a philos. paper to day. Caught 3 young gl. robins & a female & spent the P.M. in stuffing the latter. Saw one of them caught. Saw a king bird plainly eat cherries. Wednesday, July 11, 1866 Pleasant but cool. Caught a handsome male golden robin and a young one which I stuffed. Wrote a algebra paper to day. Went up to J. N's in P.M. Thursday, July 12, 1866 Pleasant but rather hot. Went to school at 10.30 A.M. and got out papers. Shot a male indigo bird in A.M. which I stuffed also shot a young one which was good for nothing Friday, July 13, 1866 Today was exhibition but I did [margin]not go[/margin]. Pleasant but hottest we have had yet. Took the 2.30 train for Amherst & on the way saw an old quail feed an young one. Got to Amherst at 7.30 & they were having a spread on the green. [?] in evening. Saturday, July 14, 1866 Was about 10 feet from a skunk. Alternately sunny & cloudy. Rose early and had some cherries in A.M. Heard a s. tanager & a marsh hawk. Went shooting in P.M. & shot a skunk a meadow lark and a [delete]yellow winged[/delete] Henslow's sparrow. Went in swimming in evening.


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Sunday, July 15, 1866 Pleasant but very hot. Went to church in A.M. Heard the first locust (so called). Went to walk in evening & heard several quail. Saw numbers of bats. Monday, July 16, 1866 Clear but hot. Rose early in A.M. Went swimming in evening & saw a musk rat. In the morning stuffed the finch shot Saturday & went to see the cabinet of Mr. Shepard the 3rd the world (of minerals). Tuesday, July 17, 1866 [margin]of crows lit around me[/margin] Pleasant but hot. Got up early to see the H[?]s off. Went after pickerel in A.M. & went in swimming in the brook higher up than usual. A slight rain in evening. A number Wednesday, July 18, 1866 [margin]ducks out to day.[/margin] Rather cloudy but hot. Went after ice early in A.M. & saw a pair of green herons. Found a wood duck in our trap & shot him. A heavy shower in P.M. Went in after it. We put the two young Mrs. H. Hollis came to day Thursday, July 19, 1866 Cloudy but cool. Went to Mt. Holyoke in A.M. and ascended it where we staid about two hours. In P.M. heard a quail and shot him as he was feeding on the ground. Went shooting in P.M. shot six cherry birds a robin & a grt. crst. flycatcher (probably) & went in swimming. got a letter from father. Friday, July 20, 1866 Caught a black rat. Cloudy & cool. In A.M. stuffed quail shot yesterday. In P.M. went down town & saw the cabinet of birds &c. Saw a boy from [???] get the egg of a sparrow hawk. A duck brought out 5 young to day.


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Saturday, July 21, 1866 Cloud & cold. Came home to Cambridge in the early morning train from Amherst. Went round to see the boys in P.M. & found that Ruth. had gone to Shelbourne yesterday. Sunday, July 22, 1866 Rainy & cold. Went to church in A.M. Staid in the house most of P.M. Had cucumbers first on the 19th, String Beans on 20th, & Tomatoes on the 21st. Monday, July 23, 1866 Rainy & cold. Went into Boston in A.M. & got a mallard's egg & some birds eyes. Went up to J. Nichol's in P.M. Tuesday, July 24, 1866 Pleasant but cool. Went up to J. Nichol's in P.M. where C. Carter shot a young meadow lark He came down to our yard in the afternoon. Bluebirds building a nest wrens & chippies with eggs. Wednesday, July 25, 1866 [margin]pass down a chimney.[/margin] Pleasant. Shower about noon. Took the 8 A.M. train for Plymouth where we arrived at about 1. Walked around in P.M. found a red eyes with three & bank swallows with feathered young. In evening saw thousands of chimney swallows Thursday, July 26, 1866 [margin]newly born young ones. Saw 2 gold finches' nests[/margin] Pleasant. Shower in P.M. at Profile House. Rode from Plymouth to Profile House on the outside of the stage in P.M. In A.M. caught a half-pound pickerell & several shad. Went in swimming in the Pemigewasset in A.M. & found a grass finches with four


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Friday, July 27, 1866 [margin]& an egg: In P.M. shot a very large hare & went fishing on the lake where I caught one trout. The Wymans came to day. Saw a very strange owl belonging to one of the men[/margin] Alternately cloudy & clear. Heavy thunder shower in morning. In A.M. walked about through the woods saw a desperate fight between 2 blk. bll. warblers. Saw several rabbits & hares, a blk & yellow warbler, & a Canada fly catcher. Found a white throated sparrow's nest with three young. Saturday, July 28, 1866 [margin]the evening a man brought in a fine string of trout[/margin] Rained nearly all day. Went after rabbits before breakfast but did not see any. Shot a wood wren but spoilt him. Found out the note of the white thrt. sparrow. Saw a blk. poll warbler feed its young. Spent the P.M. in trying to kill time by whittling & c. In Sunday, July 29, 1866 Pleasant but had several showers. Had an episcopal service in the parlor in A.M. which I attended. Went down to Echo lake for the first time this year. Went up to the cascade in P.M. Also wrote a letter to D. F. & went down to Profile lake. Monday, July 30, 1866 [margin]ounces together with 23 other good ones. Mr. Smith caught a trout today weighing 15[/margin] Alternately cloudy and clear. Went rowing with mother on Profile lake in A.M. Shot a pair of solitary sandpipers in A.M. & fell in trying to get one. Stuffed one in P.M. In A.M. saw 8 eagles at once & watched them for some time. The Wymans went to day Tuesday, July 31, 1866 [margin]warbler (probably) feeding its young.[/margin] Pleasant. Spent the A.M. in stuffing the remaining solitary sandpiper & in reading. In A.M. father & I caught a string of fine trout: many weighing 1/2 of a pound. Saw a blk. throated blue Wednesday, August 1, 1866 [margin] caught with a fly one weighing 1 1/2 pounds [/margin] Cloudy. Rained in evening. In A.M. ascended Lafayette on a horse called Kate. Got to the top before the rest saw some snow birds on the very top; built a fire but we did not stay more than 1/2 of an hour. In P.M. went down to P. lake where about dusk Mr. [?]