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Thursday, August 2, 1866 [margin]He was caught with a fly in shallow water. P. lake a trout 19 inch. long weighing 2 3/4 lbs. Early this morning Mr. Carver caught in[/margin] Pleasant but sprinkled several times. Went shooting in A.M. & got 6 squirrels & a f. hairy w. Saw a yl. thrt. warbler & heard a b. creeper. Went fishing in P.M. & each caught six rather small trout. While there saw a pair of pass. pigeons pass swiftly over the valley. Mr. Hodge's horses ran away. Found a rd. eyed with two young. Friday, August 3, 1866 Alter. cloudy & fair. In A.M. stuffed the hairy shot yesterday. In P.M. caught 4 trout & 4 small pickerell. Got tipped out of boat in E. lake while trying to pass by father & swam ashore (only a few strokes) Saturday, August 4, 1866 A.M. pleasant. P.M. rainy & gloomy. Evening very windy. In A.M. lounged about. In P.M. intended to go after frogs but it was so wet that I stayed in the house & read. Sunday, August 5, 1866 [margin]& went down to P. lake with father in the latter part of it.[/margin] A.M. pleasant. Noon rainy. P.M. (that is the latter part) fair. Attended service commencing 11 oclock A.M. They had a service beginning 8 Oclock. P.M. but went to bed before it commenced. Read in P.M. Monday, August 6, 1866 [margin]gentlemen fishing At P. lake I watched a number of[/margin] Alternately showery & clear. Rode horseback for an hour in the morning. In P.M. packed my birds & went down to P. lake. Saw a downy with the whole top of the head red. In A.M. saw a hermit thrush. Tuesday, August 7, 1866 [margin]after father & mother the chimney swallows go dow[n] & took tea[/margin] Cloudy nearly all day. Started at 7 & got to Plymouth at 11.30. On the way saw scarlet tanager. Stayed about the place in the P.M. & saw a male downy picking the insects out of the bottoms of some apples hanging on a tree. In the evening watched


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Wednesday, August 8, 1866 [margin]On the way home saw two purple martens from the cars Fresh pond & saw a fish hawk.[/margin] In P.M. went in swimming in Pleasant. Left Plymouth at 7.30 A.M. & got into Boston at 1.30 Came out on the wagon with the luggage When I got home I found some ripe pears & went up to the Russells. After dinner went up to J. N. but he & Charlie had gone to Waltham. Found a gold finches with nothing. Thursday, August 9, 1866 A.M. cloudy. P.M. rainy. Went to to J.N. in A.M. & went fishing & caught a perch. John caught an eel & Charlie a perch. Saw a yellow leg & a flock of sandpipers. Got caught in the rain & got rather wet. Spent most of P.M. in reading. Friday, August 10, 1866 [margin]in the rain. R. Deane got home this evening[/margin] A.M. pleasant. Noon showery. P.M. clear. Went shooting in A.M. & shot a m. lark, a kingfisher, a gold wing. woodpecker, a bobolink, 2 red brest. grosbeaks & chimney swallows, the 1st & last flying. Saw snow-buntings. In P.M. stuffed the chimney swallow. Got slightly wet. Saturday, August 11, 1866 Pleasant. Sprinkled slightly in P.M. Spent most of the A.M. at the Deans where Ruth. shot a robin & a pigeon. I shot a robin. Went swimming in P.M. starting at about six. On the way back saw five green herons flying over. Sunday, August 12, 1866 Pleasant but quite comfortable. Read all the A.M. Rode into Mt. Auburn in P.M. & then round by the river where I saw a flock of about 60 cow buntings & 7 or 8 yellow legs. In A.M. saw a humming bird. Monday, August 13, 1866 Pleasant but cool. In A.M. went up to the Nichols & Rusells. In P.M. went in swimming starting at 3 oclock. While there saw a balloon come down which took fire. Later in P.M. went down town & got some library books.


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Tuesday, August 14, 1866 [margin]Rode down on top of coach[/margin] Pleasant but cool. Went swimming in A.M. & W. R. dived from the boathouse window. Cut my name on a beech. Rode in with the luggage & took the 5 oclock train for Rye. At the depot saw W. Roof. On the way saw yellow legs. Got to Rye at [blank space]. Went to bed at 10 o'clock. Wednesday, August 15, 1866 Heavy surf but scarcely any wind. Cloudy. Rained part of P.M. Went in bathing in A.M. Went to walk after breakfast Went shooting in P.M. Shot two ring necks wounded another & fired at a sanderling. Saw several large flocks of peeps & numbers of ring necks. Thursday, August 16, 1866 [margin]Mr. Phil. shot 4 blue winged teal a brown back, & many yl. legs. early this A.M.[/margin] A.M. rainy. P.M. clear. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 5. Shot 4 l. sandpipers, 2 rings necks, a sanderling, & a piping plover. In A.M. stuffed [?] ring necks shot yesterday. In P.M. went shooting shot 2 yellow legs, a Bonaparte's gull & a ring neck (both flying). Saw 4 more gulls, a blk. bill plover, [margin]Went in bathing. Very heavy surf[/margin] Friday, August 17, 1866 [margin]heard a ruffed grouse rise. This A.M. early saw a blk. duck &[/margin.] Fair & moderate surf. Went shooting in A.M. start- ing at 5. Shot a yl. leg, & a willet at a very long shot. Fired at a green heron. Went in bathing at 12. Spent A.M. in stuffing the gull shot yesterday. In P.M. went shooting & shot 2 yl. lets at a shot. W. Phil. got stuck in the mud. Saturday, August 18, 1866 [margin]him.[/margin] Pleasant but no surf. Went over to the mill in A.M. & shot a green heron, wounded a grt. blue heron but did not get him. Went in bathing in P.M. & partly stuffed a yellow leg but as I felt unwell in the evening I could not finish Sunday, August 19, 1866 Cloudy. Driving mist in P.M. Rained hard in evening. Attended service at Wash. House in A.M. & went in bathing. Wrote to Theo. in P.M. & rode over to little Boar's Head. Heard severall yl. legs & saw a pair of marsh hawks.


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Monday, August 20, 1866 [margin]In A.M. stuffed [blank space] In P.M. brown back. Went in bathing at 11 & moderate surf.[/margin] Pleasant but cool. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 5. Shot 2 yl. legs, a brown back & a l. sandpiper. Saw 4 teal & chased them, but they were too shy. One of the yl. legs shot flying. Fired at sharp shin. hawk. Father went to Boston to day & got home this evening Tuesday, August 21, 1866 [margin]saw a Wilson's tern. saw 3 teal a yl leg & a gull. Early in A.M.[/margin] Pleasant but cool. Irregular surf & white caps. Wet shooting in A.M. starting at 4.50. Shot a blue wing teal at long range. Saw 8 more teal a humility (so called) & 6 plovers. Spent A.M. & most of P.M. in stuffing teal. Went in bathing at 12. Late in P.M. Wednesday, August 22, 1866 [margin]blue heron In P.M. shot two yl. legs. Saw a grt.[/margin] Pleasant but showery. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 4.30. Shot 10 yl. legs, 1 br. back, 2 c. sandpipers, 2 sand birds, & a Dowich. Saw a teal, a duck & a marsh hawk. Stuffed [blank space] in A.M. Went in bathing at 12. Heavy surf & strong undertow. Thursday, August 23, 1866 [margin]moderate. Went to bed at 8.30.[/margin] A.M. cloudy. P.M. raining. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 4.30. Shot three blue winged teal & got two. Also shot a yl. leg. Spent most of the day in stuffing one of the teal. Went in bathing at 11 but father did not. Water extremely cold & surf Friday, August 24, 1866 [margin]a sanderling flying & went in bathing (at 6) & a crow flying. In P.M. made gun house, shot[/margin] Pleasant & cool. Went shooting in A.M. & shot 9 sandpipers. Started at 4.30 & got home at 7 when from the window I saw 3 finback whales spouting & heaving out their bodies. In A.M. went over to [?] pond & shot a yl. lg. a sharp shinned hawk Saturday, August 25, 1866 [margin]a large yl. leg[/margin] Pleasant but cool. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 4.30. Shot large & small yl. leg & a beach plover (flying). Six teal were shot. Went in bathing at 11. Cold & heavy surf. In A.M. stuffed beach plover. In P.M. went shooting & wounded


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Sunday, August 26, 1866 Pleasant but cool. Read most of A.M. Went in bathing at 11.30. Tide high. surf moderate & water cold. Spent P.M. in writing to Dan & Theo. Russell. Took a walk on the beach before tea. Went to bed at 8.20. Monday, August 27, 1866 [margin]the horse. Saw king birds going south. with Uncle Albert. Father went with[/margin] Pleasant but warm. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 4.20. Saw a loon, a teal, a great blue heron, a musk rat & 2 yl. legs but did not fire. Went in bathing in A.M. In P.M. went to Amesbury Mills in the cars but from there to Amesbury Tuesday, August 28, 1866 Father went to Cambridge this A.M. Pleasant but warm. Went down to the Corporation in A.M. & saw them make wheels. Went fishing in P.M. & caught about a peck of shiners, bream, hornpouts, & perch. Heard a whip-poor-will & got home after dark. Wednesday, August 29, 1866 Cloudy. Rained in evening. Went to ride in A.M. Stayed round in P.M. Father got here late in P.M. from Cambridge & we took a ride with Tiger. Thursday, August 30, 1866 [margin]pigeons, & heard a whip-poor-will.[/margin] Clear most of day. Rather warm. Went fishing down to mill pond in A.M. but caught nothing. Saw 3 solit. sandpipers. Went fishing up to Country pond in P.M. & caught 3 good pickerell. Saw 2 green herons, a n. heron, a hawk, a teal, 5 wild Friday, August 31, 1866 Pleasant but hot. Went to Groveland in A.M. Went shooting in P.M. with a worth- less dog & shot a rabbit. Saw several ruffed grouse & one treed. Went swim- ming to Kimbal's pond late in P.M.