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Saturday, September 1, 1866 [margin]whip-poor-will.[/margin] Pleasant but hot. Started for An- dover at 8 A.M. & got there at [blank space] On the way shot a skunk. Started from Andover at 4 P.M. & got home at 7.45. On the way saw ten wild pigeons & heard a Sunday, September 2, 1866 [margin]are now ripe[/margin] Pleasant but hot. Went to Sabbath school & Church in A.M. Early this A.M. I was awakened by the blowing up of a part of the Watertown arsenal. Went to ride in P.M. & saw the ruins. The pears & apples Monday, September 3, 1866 Pleasant but hot. Got up at 5 & shot 4 robins. Went shooting in A.M. & shot a gl. wng. woodpecker & a red squirrel. Went in swimming. Went in swimming in P.M. & saw 4 ducks. Tuesday, September 4, 1866 [margin]Got a letter from Dan.[/margin] Rainy. Went shooting in A.M. start- ing at 5. Shot a m. lark flying & 2 robins. Made a number of stands in A.M. In P.M. put my birds into the case. Went up to R. Deane's in P.M. R. Dana came to tea & spent the evening. Wednesday, September 5, 1866 [margin]& a teal. In A.M. saw a duck. Saw large flocks of cherry birds. 2 ducks.[/margin] Cloudy. Misted a little. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 5. Shot 3 robins & a gl. wing woodpecker. Went up to Waverly, Waltham & Belmont in A.M. starting at 10. Shot 5 robins 3 cherry birds & a gl. wng. woodpecker. C. Carter shot a shp. shin hawk. R. Dana's school commenced to day. Thursday, September 6, 1866 Pleasant & cool. Went over to the river with R. Deane in A.M. & saw 2 teal. Saw a drowned man. Went shooting in P.M. with C. Carter & each fired twice at an osprey. Went in swimming in the pond.


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Friday, September 7, 1866 [margin]& saw on & a duck which flew round the pond. Shot a robin. Stayed till 7.30 for musk rats[/margin] A.M. pleasant. P.M. cloudy. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 5. Saw flock of 30 wild pigeons & 3 ducks. Heard a bobolink sing. Shot a young shp. shin. hawk & a common rail flying. Started at 10 A.M. Shot 4 robins, a red squirrel, & 3 solitary sandpipers. C. Carter shot a green heron & a n. heron. Went in P.M. starting at 4.30 Saturday, September 8, 1866 Pleasant. A.M. warm. P.M. cool. In A.M. stuffed the bittern shot by C. Carter. In P.M. went shooting & shot an osprey as he flew overhead. C. Carter shot a kingfisher flying. Saw several green herons. Sunday, September 9, 1866 Pleasant but very cool. Attended sabbath school & church in A.M. In P.M. took a ride with father through Waverly & Belmont. Wrote to Dan in evening. Monday, September 10, 1866 [margin]up the fish hawk. shot Saturday. In evening finished sewing in swimming & stuffed the fish hawk[/margin] Pleasant but cool. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 4.30. Fired at a musk rat & shot a kingfisher, a meadowlark & a flicker. Saw an immens[e] flock of rng. necks & sand birds. In A.M. went into Boston & got some powder, shot, eyes, wire & tow. In P.M. went Tuesday, September 11, 1866 [margin]south. Saw a solitary & a green heron. Saw numbers of white bellied swallows going[/margin] A.M. pleasant & warm. P.M. rainy & cold. In A.M. went to school for first time & stayed till 9.30. When I got home finished stuffing the fish hawk. In P.M. went in swimming & walked home in the rain. Studied till late in the evening. Wednesday, September 12, 1866 Pleasant but warm. Had our first regular school day. Went in swimming in P.M. & jumped out of the window for the first time. Got home at 7 & studied all the evening.


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Thursday, September 13, 1866 Pleasant & rather warm. Went in swimming starting at 3.30 & jumped 8 times out of window. They had the Scotch games at Fresh pond grove to day. Went there as they were leaving & saw them crowd into the cars. Friday, September 14, 1866 A.M. cloudy. P.M. rainy. Had our annual foot ball match commencing at 1 and ending at 3 o'clock. Went in swimming with E. Dodge & H. Bud & saw a fish hawk, a humming bird & a night hawk. Went to bed at 8. Saturday, September 15, 1866 Pleasant but cool. Went into Boston in A.M. & saw a pony to be sold at auction. Got an ice cream. Went shooting starting at 11.30 Shot 2 kingfishers one of them flying. C. Carter shot a pigeon hawk. Sat up till 10 studying. Sunday, September 16, 1866 Pleasant but really cold. Went to Sabbath school & church as usual. In P.M. took a ride with father & mother & went through Mt. Auburn. The Bartlett pears are nearly all gone & the grapes are reddening. Monday, September 17, 1866 A.M. cloudy & clear. P.M. clear. Sprinkled in evening. Got late a recess while playing foot ball. In P.M. stuffed the small hawk shot by C. Carter on Saturday. Studied Greek in evening & went to bed at 9.15. Felt badly all day. Tuesday, September 18, 1866 A.M. cloudy & showery. P.M. cloudy. In P.M. shot a robin & cherry bird in our yard & went in swimming where I shot a golden winged woodpecker.


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Wednesday, September 19, 1866 Cloudy & showery. Went into Boston after school to have my tooth seen to. Went up to the Nichols' in P.M. & I set Charlie's & one of my moist rat traps Thursday, September 20, 1866 [margin]got home from Rye to day.[margin] Cloudy & showery. Went into Boston after school, had a tooth filled & tried several horses. Went up to look at the traps as soon as I got home (4.45) but had caught nothing. C. Deane Friday, September 21, 1866 A.M. cloudy & foggy. Cleared up at about 12 A.M. P.M. windy. Went fishing in P.M. starting at 2 P.M. caught an eel and went in swimming. Saturday, September 22, 1866 [margin]grey squirrel this A.M. & gave it to me & shot 2 robins flying. C. Carter shot a In P.M. went shooting starting at 4.30[/margin] Pleasant but windy. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 5 & got home at 9.20. Went into Boston after getting breakfast & rode my horse out which father had bought. In the A.M. shot a crow & wounded a Cooper's hawk. Sunday, September 23, 1866 Pleasant but cool. Came near hav- ing a frost last night. In A.M. went to church & sabbath school. In P.M. took a ride through Mt. Auburn and behind it with my horse. the porter apples are nearly all gone. Monday, September 24, 1866 A.M. clear P.M. cloudy. Took a ride through Belmont after I got home from school. In P.M. stuffed the crow shot Saturday. In P.M. also shot three robins in our yard.


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Tuesday, September 25, 1866 [margin]went to bed at 9. musk rat. Studied on my Greek & plucked the robins & skinned the[/margin] Cloudy & generally drizzly. When I got home from school to[ok] a short ride on Kate then finished my crow & then went up to the pond & found a musk rat in my trap. Towards dusk shot 6 robins. In the evening [margin]Got an extra letter from Dan.[/margin] Wednesday, September 26, 1866 A.M. cloudy. P.M. showery. When I got home rode a short distance. In P.M. went up to rail pond built a bridge, set two traps & got wet to the skin. Father went up in the country to day. Thursday, September 27, 1866 A.M. cloudy. Cleared up at about 11 A.M. Took a ride through Waverly & Belmont after getting home. Went shooting in P.M. starting at 4 & shot 2 m. larks & a robin (all flying) besides a gl. wing woodpecker. Friday, September 28, 1866 [margin]a gl. wng. woodpecker in out yard.[/margin] Pleasant. Went shooting in Watertown in P.M. & shot a yl wng. woodpecker. R. Deane shot a yl. bellied woodpecker. In A.M. weng [went] after a shot pouch dropped yes- terday. When I got home I shot [margin]Saw several gl. crst. wrens & snow birds for the first time this fall[/margin] Saturday, September 29, 1866 [margin]a blue jay[/margin] Clear but warm. Locusts still singing. Went shooting in A.M. starting at 5. Shot a coot a blue jay & a bittern the latter flying. Jack got into my trap. In P.M. went with C. Carter & shot 2 gl. wng. woodpeckers & a m. lark. He shot Sunday, September 30, 1866 Clear & comfortable. In A.M. went to church & Sabbath school. Saw & heard several white throated sparrows. Saw a Nashville warbler & heard a house wren sing. In P.M. went up to Mt. Auburn in the carryall.